Missed call system is called as “miskol in the Philippines”, "drop call in US", “beep in Africa”, “memancing in Indonesia” and “flashcall in Pakistan” costs nothing.
Missed call is a popular way of communicating in India because the caller doesn’t have to spend money. Marketing companies, politicians, banks and others now use this practice to reach millions who have cell phones but limited means.
Eg : In banking sector Missed call system provides a simple and faster way of getting your account balance and mini statement.
Missed Call does not consume any credit on customer mobiles but can be used to provide many services. Just imagine if a single missed call can answer all customer queries related to anything. So that’s we offer clients “Missed Call services” where client get help to generate lead and build their business.
There’s a variety of excuses for not picking up the phone but if you consider that 50% of all calls will not call back, then can you afford to let it ring.

Most of organizations use toll-free for support. In toll-free we have few drawbacks

  • High cost of each incoming call.
  • Hold time increases cost to organization.
  • Hold time irritates most of clients because client doesn’t know exact time to hold.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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