Lsoft Missed Call Service has become an effective way to engage and involve customers by any brand.

Lsoft Missed call service is targeted and a cost effective means for businesses to reach out to its customer. The customer could be in regions where internet penetration is low or when you want to give a call to action to an online customer who needs to engage with you offline.

Lsoft Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application that allow you to get real time notifications of all Missed calls on your dedicated Mobile Number. This is one of the easiest method to enhance your business. We offer Missed Call notification Service with magnificent quality, quick delivery and easy-to-use application gateway.

Prominent Features

  • You can use your existing Mobile Number as a Missed call system number
  • Caller Calls on this Number, after 1 Ring phone gets disconnected.
  • Auto Reply SMS is Received on the Caller Mobile Phone with “Thank you” Message.
  • All missed call records are 100% in web panel and App.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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